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called no messege
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This is the ROBO-CALLER for Credit Acceptance Corporation out of Grand Rapids, MI
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Cash Store/cottonwood Financial
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Mary Anne:

This is a Yahoo marketing sales phone number.
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I have received several calls from this "supposed" company. They call stating they are calling from ACB financial services to collect a debt for VIP Loan Company, a payday loan. I do not owe any money for any pay day loan. The man said his name was Robert Denning. It's funny as this is the 5th company that has called to try to collect a debt from me stating they are calling for VIP Loans. Scammers selling information. I asked for verification of debt as well as their physical address. Mr. Denning said I would receive it at court. They said they haven't been able to serve my yet I have lived and worked at the same address for the last 4 years. Idiots!
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They gave me my names asking for me
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Environmental Defense Fund
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They call about 10 times a day. There is never anyone there and they don't leave a message.
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I hate this person they call me everyday and its so annoying!
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a scam pharmacy that has been harassing me for years now. at one point in 2011 an almost implausibly clueless DEA agent called demanding info on them, don't think the harassment will stop anytime soon.
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MA South Shore:

The person who phoned was rude and looking to speak to the owner. When that was not an option, he refused to say why he was calling and hung up. Never a good sign. If they can't find all the business they can handle in CA, I certainly don't want to consider them!
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This man "Frank' contcted me about a car I was selling on cl. He assured me it was no scam. When I finally got his name address and phone number out of him. his name came up deceased, and this is the page I found for his number. STAY AWAY
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duran taylor:

it's a scort service phone number
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Rodrigo Picos:

Samantha picos cell phone number!
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Freeway car insurance company
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uses us bank scam to get your phone number
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these people are a royal pain in the ass, three times already today have tried to use cll blocking no luck
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They called me and said that I won 2.5 million dollars and just needed to pay $500 in taxes to get it. I told them that it was scam that you don't have to pay money to win money. So they called me stupid and said "f**k You" and hung up on me!! I wish there was some legal action that I could take against them!!!
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calls twice a day, once in the moring and then at night, leaves no message.I called back and It says it is for Sirius radio. I spoke with a man with very bad broken English who asked me for my phone number, address etc. When I asked him to verify what he has in front of him he said he does not have that information!!! WHY ASK ME FOR MINE IF YOU CAN'T SEE IT ON YOUR SCREEN? I feel this could be a scam!!
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Call is from Dallas ISD. It's an automated "Back to School" line for parents. You can have your number removed by going to "Contact us" at dallasisd.org, then clicking "Send us your comments." Let them know if you are receiving automated phone calls and they will remove your number from the list.
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constantly receiving text messages from this number
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they say they are with litigation told them I was disabled, unemployed and don't write checks they hung up SCAM
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This is State Farm Ins. Claims Division... (Handling Collision Claims)
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called hung up
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unwanted calls from 8174902452 . 2 of them so far on 27 jan. 2014
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Patrick C.:

The phone # is registered on caller ID as Orchid Cellmark. I called the number back and was able to be put on the Do Not Call list. The Company from google search goes to DNA Testing Lab.
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get unwanted call and left no message.
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Some rude black lady with no professionalism called me. She wouldn't leave a message (I could only assume she was a solicitor). I said that if she couldn't tell me what she wanted to not call us again. She told me it was my mouth and I could do whatever I want...almost challenging me. Crazy, right? I guess the endless rejections create a negative person. Why solicit if you don't have the mind or personality for it?
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He text me about a iPhone last week and gave me a shipping address:

Larry Raw
1704 South State Route 291
Independence, Missouri, 64057
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A person with a very thick Indian accent called (supposedly from 267-733-9053), asking to extend my Ford warranty, but when pressed about his company name, he put me on with a "supervisor". His supervisor spoke slightly better english, but he, too, would not answer my question about his company name, only offering "vehicle processing center" as an answer. I asked him if he was with Ford or Lincoln, and he said "we sent you something in the mail, and we are following up". I said "when did you send it? what does it look like? and if I find it, I will call you back." He was persistent that I should just answer his questions, and when I mentioned the word "scam" (I have been scammed one too many times to trust any caller), he hung up on me. Maybe I was too rough, but I did not solicit this call, and I highly doubt he was calling from the dealership or the manufacturer.
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a alumni research company that take your money and will not deliver a book to you.. don't talk to them.. its a SCAM
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This is JCC or J.C. Christensen and Associates. If you have ever dealt with them you will know that they are quite rude and UNETHICAL! They thought I should starve my children and leave the mortgage go unpaid so I could pay a medical bill. Shame on you people. Do you honestly think if I had the money that the bill would not be paid? I lost my job before Christmas and cannot afford to pay all my bills at once!
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7049267991 28 Jan 2014 DM(?) Lady said to be doing follow-up quality report for recent service from actual company we had used for an equipment repair in our utility. Legit but annoying.
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Received a call from a Miss Johnson, "Special Agent" at Highland Financial in Georgia this morning. She said a loan was deposited into my account back in 2010 at a bank I have never banked at - the bank doesn't even exist in my area, here in Illinois. It was scary how much information they had, my social security number, address, phone number and last 4 digits of my old checking account. The said the loan was originally $200 and is now $1200 and if I don't pay by noon they would process a warrant for check fraud and come to my house. These people are scammers - When I asked for written confirmation, she told me she could not do that and that because this was much more serious than an unpaid debt - it was out of her hands. I had to pay or she would hang up and process the warrant. I hung up on her and filed a complaint with the FTC. The have also called from 855-798-1893