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Abdul Raheem M:

I got a call from 911408896100 at 1.57 pm on 19/02/2014
I picked up the call, But after that the caller ended the call after a beep sound and said thank you.
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Someone keeps calling me from this number and never leaves a message. I only answer calls from people I know anymore because I never know what kind a scam is going to take my money just by answering my phone!
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i also got abhi.. hi 5
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Michael Hansen:

I got a couple of calls that my father answered a few years ago...they asked for ME by name and "he knows what these calls are all about" and left this phone number. It seems to be in Sunnyvale at the time... they called a few times........haven't heard from them since
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they left me an urgent message saying I had written a fraudelent check and also something about my tax refund. No pharmacy type calls though. Of course they leave a different # to call back--could be they are making it so the 202 # and Washington, DC shows up to make me think it's the Government.
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toni davis:

314 322 4188 who is this
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It's united consumer with Kirby vacuum cleaners
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This number calls multiple times a day but leaves no message and hangs up as soon as we pick up the phone.
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I don't know this number
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Level 3 communications LLC- KS
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They are on a roll today! Look at how many people have posted just today alone! They called me twice today. One was a live person (no caller ID) and the other was the 313-347-8644 number. I didn't answer either. I find it comical. Don't stress out guys (and gals). Its a sham and unless you provide them your information, nothing is going to happen. They are not going to come to your house and serve you, and they will not come to your office to serve you either. If this is for a payday loan, it will cost them more. They are preying on people who might let this slip through the cracks.

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no ANSWER @ #716-217-0667
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Caller said he was with Vehicle Processing Center, somewhere in CA, don't remember the city, regarding extending the warranty on my 2008 Honda. It has been out of warranty for almost three years! BTW, my I-phone identified the call as coming from Talledega, AL. I advised him that my phone number was on the "Do not call" register and that he had broken the law by calling me. He apologized and then questioned OK? Of course, I immediately hung up without responding.
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I have received two calls in the past week from this number. There is a recorded message that says wait for the next representative, but no identification of who is calling. Then there is a click, and I hear background voices talking, but no talk from the representative. When I say "Hello", they hang up. I've reported it to the FCC twice, since I am on the Do Not Call List. Does anyone have any idea what company makes these annoying, harassing phone calls?
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J in Phoenix:

I really honestly don't know what good it does to "register complaints" on websites like this other than to blow off steam and let people know you are on to them. Websites like this one have no legal authority to make the calls stop or punish the offenders. All you can do is use an answering machine and screen all your calls. The authorities don't seem to be inclined to put a stop to it. I only have a land line because my employer requires it. Otherwise I wouldn't even use a land line phone. Most people now use cell phones and Skype, etc. so they aren't bugged with this stuff
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Telemarketing group dead air when I picked up
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Just got a call from this number. Some Asian woman said she was from somewhere and then said do you have a Chevy Silverado XX00.. i said yes, she said my warranty is up and asked me for the mileage on the truck... sounded a little believable, so i gave it to her, she then sends me to her supervisor who spoke perfect English and he said with this "One time deal", he will give me an extended 5 year or 100,000 mile warranty for a low flat rate.. He encouraged to pay in full now, and going with it I decided to tell him that i would think about it and call him back, he said I wouldnt be able to call him back and that i need to tell him today. Thats when I knew the ENTIRE thing was a Scam, a pretty good one bc if your a little GULLIBLE like me, you could fall prey. Dont ever accept or send money to people like this.
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Shadowbox Ticket Office
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This is from a telemarketer for "Degree Match" selling school enrollments.
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I received a call at my work number...absolutely no way they would have know that. Recorded message from an Artemis Jones? gave a case number. Said 2 charges would be filed re: fraudulent activity associated with my name
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said they where calling about a medical appointment did not speak to a phyical person.
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Portfolio Recovery Debt Collection
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I want to check maybe it was for the job I applied
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J P:

I just got the same phone call I answered and it was a robot voice. Better be a scam.
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Equally annoyed:

This goes to Verdi Communications. It's marketing things. Call the number back, hit 1. You get put on the no call list. It can't hurt.
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Wont Scam Me:

This scammer texted us about buying our furniture (on sale on cra*gslist for about $300) and sent us 2 money orders for $965 EACH...before sending the fake money orders, he said he would pay an extra $50 to hold the item...sent fake money orders to us...we never deposited them but we are after him and we will track him down...you better watch your back, Mr. (646) 389-2312 !!
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Get calls from Kim Kelly from 469-713-3032 multiple times a week. I finally got her to admit she is calling on behalf of a company looking to speak to my financial advisor about a job opportunity and that she works for MSI. If you look up MSI Financial you get this website, which states it is a recruiting firm: http://www.msi-intl.com/financial.asp. I asked her to please not call again.
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Lois Rankin:

I have a new phone number and this call came in on my phone as unknown and left no message.
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they call constantly about a reverse mortgage, which I am not interested in. To do a reverse mortgage, they want $25,000. up front!!!!!
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I tried looking up the law on this.....if you live in BC you have the right to tell them they are not allowed to phone you and that they can only contact you by mail.
once you have said this they have no right to phone you again
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Jose Hernandez:

San Antonio car insurance auto dialer...
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I just recieved this message on my voicmail at work anyone really chasing you down for money will send a letter anything else is just a scam.Wow is this the type of employement that Detroit has to offer. Sad.