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Not sure did not answer but I think its in regards to a debt and its from Lisa Matthews whom keeps harassing my entire family and workplace
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joann carter:

why are you calling me threatening me
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Scam tele marketer. Having problems with televesta (888-278-3324 see google search) now getting unsolicited calls from this number, who do not answer call backs.
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Caller ID: Unknown Name

Soliciting money for American Veterans Support Foundation.
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this is an illegal betting company
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Calls 3 or more times a day and will not stop calling. I never answer unless someone is in my contacts so they are wasting their time calling me.
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offered a free home energy assessment
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Cheryl Z.:

It was actually hilareous, it was a prank call someone sent me. So far nothing crazy has ahappened as a result of asnwering. It was a very official sounding man explaining the information security act and computer/cellular monitiring the government can do and that someone in my household had been veiwing objectionable/illegal web content and that they were about to raid my home and that I should cooperate fully. Then it ended with a "You've just been pranked by" and I cannot remember the name of the service. Too funny though, pretty sure my 13yr old set that up! ;o)
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Hunter Warfield makes sense. Collections.
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The lady seemed confused when she called as she did not seem to know who she was looking for, then after I was about to hang up, indicated that she was from the Chinese Directory. Reading these postings on this site, I realize that this is Cedar Publishing. I refuse to do business with this company, and besides she was looking for an ad for 2015. As this is barely 2014, I realise that I will probably not be seeing such a directory.
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i dont know this number
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they are a spam company calling you that you are a winner for a free cruise to the Bahamas, all they need is a major credit card, and some personal ID from you, they give you a phone number that cannot accept calls. SPAM SPAM SPAM!!!
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Rogers Call Back
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An unknown number keeps calling me which is 213-550-4678. They leave no messeage and then when I answer I get a messeage taking about a bad check. I want to file a complaint and have number researched.
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who's number is this?
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My supervisor received a call from Raymond Black. He told my supervisor he had some legal papers to serve me for a debt that I owed. He left a phone number and a claims number for me to call and take care of my debt. My supervisor transferred the phone call to me. Raymond Black was very rude and nasty. I told him not to call my place of work and he said he would continue to call or he would be serving me with legal paperwork.
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Junk call. Didn't answer.
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Many calls a minute apart and no messages.
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I was trying to get a debt consolidation loan. Iwas told because of my low credit score i wou need a $89.00 ability to pay down payment. Get a a green dot moeypak card. So i did. Then i had to get another 270.00 oh you need another 128.00 for the entire payment. So it's done. Now they have 478.00 of mine. I get told it has to be on the same moneypak card. Can't you borrow it from someone for 15 minutes. Now i can't even eat,put gas in my car,or get any info where my $ even went. I am fit to be tied. And the woman i was dealing with continuously bragged about being a good Christian. I think lying and stealing don't fit in there.
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Selling roofing
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Get calls at 5:00 AM! Lowes Iris System
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Who is calling from 4232378714
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not sure - advertisement for free?
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chris miller:

pay phone?
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David Banks at AT:

They called saying I was being called to participate in some TownHall Meeting for a Republican cause. That's impossible. I'm on the Do Not Call registry. Here's an idea...Lets stop relying on help from those who are supposed to enforce that Do Not Call Registry and take matters into our own hands...We can hunt these f-heads (and their families) down and punish them as we see fit. Oh....And I also think that these websites are actually part of the problem - you know...feeding our numbers and info into the robo - call companies...ever think about it?
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started tonight about 655. got about 5 calls from 9193247704 or it said private number. when they finally said something they said nasty words. told them i would call police with their number. hope they will quit.
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Keeps calling and hanging up
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Beldon Daniel:

Hi there, I am looking for two rear axle bearings for a nissan titan Se 2007, vin/1N6AA06A47N202237, part number 38162/8S10A.CELL:1758-721-4556 thank you.
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These people keep calling me during school and leave a voicemail with no one on the phone
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everyday text me junk i think he's a sick man!!
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it was just fine
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They don't use there real name. They use other business law firm to try and scare people to give money to make a false investigation go away. First of all, if someone has your address and phone number, they have your address to serve you these such documents. If charges are filed against someone, they don't call you first to be notified, they just serve the papers period. It is a scam. They use scare tactics to get you to pay them money... Hang up on these people am turn them in to your BBB and local police...
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I received this call every day when i anser i hear nothing.
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The first time they called, the girl said she wanted to go over my options for the best school program for me. Told her I wasn't interested. After they continued calling, I put them on call block. I've counted 10 calls in the last three days. This needs to stop!
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They called on 2/8/2014 @ 3:12PM, 6:10PM, and 8:57PM each time it comes on as unknown name if it doesn't have a name It's not getting answered. 3 calls in 1 day this is a bit much
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I got the call on my landline 2/7/14. Sounded like he was from Pakistan or somewhere like that. Said he was with Microsoft and my computer was being hacked. I needed to put in the code he gave me so he could prove to me he was legit. When I refused he got irate and said the call was being recorded so if my computer crashed it would be on me. I told him if it did I would go buy another one or use one of the other 4 I already have. I asked for a number so I could call him back to confirm it was legit and he said sure. That is the same number he gave me to call back but, caller ID said unavailable. I called the number back and it never rang. Just silence on the other end.