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Someone named Jennifer Taylor called from this number in regard to Alliance saying she had a claim to serve against me at my job and also left a message with my supervisor. Upon trying to call her back, the nubmer ran repeatedly and then gave a busy signal.
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need to know
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sabre finance tulsa ok
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These are telemarketers, what they sell is unknown, they never leave message, and don't allow you to call them back. They start calling my house sometimes at 9am, and last call at 9pm, what a way to make a living.
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I get TOO many calls from this number--and I DO NOT KNOW YOU! Just yesterday while I was AT WORK I got 7 (SEVEN!)calls in an hour!! Good Grief! I wish I could figure out how to block numbers on my phone...rest assured as soon as I do, your number is the first on my list! There are several others that call from the same area code and exchange but with variations on the last four numbers...and they always call, drop, call, drop then call and ring until the phone is answered or someone gives up--it's seldom the computer on the other end! Ugh! Some of us need our phones on in case of emergency or if our family needs to contact us--not this nuisance!
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Mr. C.:

Suzanne Beaulieau is very rude and thought that I would not find information on her but I did. She was very evasive when I asked about the law firm, and would not repeat the name of the law firm, then she hung up on me. That led me to believe she was doing something shady. I am concerned and seriously contemplating a report to the NH Business Finance Authority as well as the Job Training Council of NH. I hold a masters in criminal justice and work in the field of regulatory compliance and am not happy with the dealings I have had with Schreiber Law Firm and will be looking into this further.
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I have a private, unlisted number that is on the Nation DNC registry.
Someone from this number called my home the week of Feb 14, 2014. The caller ID said it was "Urban Express". I did not pick up – they did not leave a message. Someone again called me on Feb 20, 2014 – the caller ID said “Urban Express” but the caller said she was from “Diabetic Care” – she said her name was Shauna. When I first picked up the phone and said “Hello” I could hear laughter and noise in the background. I’m like “Hello? Hell-lowww?” Finally she identified herself and asked to speak to “Mrs _____” (insert my last name). When I identified myself as such she said “I have it noted here that you’re a diabetic – that’s correct, right?” I said “no it isn’t.” Then she said “What about your husband – is he diabetic?” That’s highly unlikely seeing as how I’m not diabetic and I’m not and never have been married. When I said “Where did you get our information?” she immediately hung up. What concerns me – this was not a random call – she has my phone number AND name.
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Kundan mishra:

bhai inhone hamse bhi 4 hazar deposit karwa aur phir madarchod phone nhi utha rha h.
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Also sick of this ish. I've told them to leave me alone, but I keep getting these annoying missed calls.
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I got a call from 011 508 0000 and it this lady called me to say that there's a jobs available in the sandton conventional centre. She explained the position that was available to me and that it was sales where I could get a basic and commission structure as I asked her to explain the position and what I must do she told me that"sorry I don't like your attitude" and that she will find some one els available for the position. If any one has any clue who this is please let me know cause that was very unprofessional. If it was done by a recruitment company I want to file a complain if its a home based phone I still want to file a complain against those people cause that wasn't very funny. Please if any one knows let me know. Thanks
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guy with a strong accent with a noisy background (like he was calling from his home/mall as sound of kids and other people are so obvious)said he was calling from a law firm and asked for billing address for subpoena of criminal case-- I checked the law firm--no such firm exists in USA; also no such case exists-- threatens that police will arrest me if I do not give billing address
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They are apparently from a "complementary" service to tell me about my college opportunities? No idea how they got my phone number, and they refuse to tell me.
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Dzwonili z BZWBK. Naciągają na kredyt.
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someone missed call me alse
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Call 2x day and no one there when I answer. WTF?
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Calls, no message ID says Paramount
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I missed their calling while at work this is crap that you can't call it back! I have been dying for tickets and now out of luck have called back over 40 times
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i would like to know who call me
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stop harassing calls asap
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junk call no message, no identification this phone needs to be disconnectedrvlgtw
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rebekah brunst:

stop calling me i do not know who this is so stop it and i will not call you back and how did you get my number in the first place so yea.
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Intuit TurboTax tech support
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888-780-3996 calls saying they're from US Bank. Names they use are Kristen, Anna, Barbara... saying they need to talk to you regarding an urgent "known" ongoing bank matter. When I called back the recording says "Thank you for calling US Bank. Your call may be monitored...." and then the recording asks you to enter your account #. DO NOT DO THIS! I entered zero
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Markisha Sanders:

Stop call me
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Joey B:

Anyone have any idea who's number this is?
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Got a call just after noon, they left a message. Some guy groaning into the phone. Gross. Number blocked.
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got a call from this number advised male wrong number actually looking for my sister , male began to tell me phone numbers in he r name advs what's the message did no want to say just telling me my number with cricket . advise no Verizon and your looking for someone I know he was using the scare tactic I hu he calls back but would not say from were and leave message
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Meghan Goicouria:

This number called my business asking for us to help him, by listening to him masturbate. He said he just got cardiac cath surgery and was feeling pain in his inner thigh. He said he was rubbing his thigh, then moving on to rub his "head", he asked if I could just stay on the phone until he "finishes."
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Charl Opperman:

I received a call from this no, and would like to know who it is. I am not in SA at the moment and cannot access voicemail to check.
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This is a real Citibank phone number and not a scammer.
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I got a call from this number and has my husband call to find out what was going on. The first thing that surprised me was that they were sharing my personal information with him which was my first red flag because they violates HIPPA since he wasn't on the supposed loan. On his first call they told me I opened the loan in July 2009 and that if I didn't pay 2500 they were going to send my case downstairs. my Husband then called me back to ask if I knew anything about this and I said no so he called them back to get their name address, and phone number so he could report it to our local police. On the second call they told us that it was taken out in July 2010 and that the file was already in processing for the warrant but they could stop it if we paid $2,500. They couldn't give me the Wells Fargo account number or the original lender or show a signed application. They said their lawyers will have that in court. We told them to process it and we will see them in court. These people are SCAMMERS do not give them any money.
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Aggressive caller left cb #, mumbled something indiscernible. I believe it is a collection agency.
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Balise Chevrolet Buick GMC service department.