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This Number is calling from Boise, Idaho

Who Called Me From 208-514-1658?


calls @ 2100 hours !!!

Mad as Hell

Caller ID says BCFA - message on machine is a woman's voice asking for Fred, then hangs up. Have absolutely nothing to do with this caller. On DO NOT CALL LIST-that means DO NOT CALL at ANYTIME!!


caller ID said BCFA - calls out our names, I did not answer


BCFA 208- 514 -1658 This woman called identifying herself as Amanda Thomas a professional fundraiser. She was talking about Breast Cancer awareness and I didn't give her a chance to ask for money. She would not let me get a word in edgewise until I demanded it. So basically this number is a soliciting call. Charity , Scam or what, I don't want these calls.


Repetitive calls showing on caller ID including well past legal time for solicitation calls. Moreover my number is current and updated on the do not call lists. At best, these people are grossly unprofessional. At worst, these people are annoying scammer wannabes.


I did not know the number and did not answer. The caller did not leave a message. So thank you all for posting, informative. I also am registered on do not call and since then I have received many, many unwanted calls.


This number has called here dozens of times. The last time I just picked the phone up and let her yap. What good is the do not call list??? I am getting ready to shut the phone off for good!
I have been told that if you go into the Do Not Call website and report the number, the calls will cease. I have not tried this(yet), but the person who told me is pretty reliable. It's worth a try!
8 years ago




Called and wanted money for breast cancer survivors. Asked for credit card, debit or check number for donation. Incredible!


I have been getting these calls for at least six months. I finally called and the guy told me the are asking for money for breast cancer survivors. Are you kidding who determines who gets on this list, the more I asked the more I got the run around. Sounds like a good scam to me. Do not fall for this please.


She promptly asked for "Mike, please" and hung up when I said unavailable.

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