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Who Called Me From 213-684-3371?

Im not dumb

Same story as all of the above from 213 68 433 71. I asked him to tell me which card he could lower the interest rate on. He went for the standard "Capitol One Card". I guess they assume that every American has a Capitol One card. I told him that I didn't have a balance on that card that I knew of. He told me that he could check into it and see when and where my card was used last. I never gave him the card number, but he said that the card has a balance of $1600.00 and he knew it. I played with him a bit more and asked him to give me the last 4 numbers of the account (Card) He said that he was not authorized to give out that information. I finally told him that I didnt have a Capitol One Card. He then told me that someone is using my information to acquire credit cards. He then stated that if I would give him my personal information HE COULD LOOK INTO IT. I asked him to give me his information so I could scam him the same way he is attempting to scam me. He hung up very quickly.

Not Stupid

Telemarketer/Scammer still touting the old lower credit card interest rate scam. CID showed "OUT OF AREA"
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