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This Number is calling from Georgetown, Delaware

Who Called Me From 302-858-0338?


This company calls numbers on the do not call registry (illegal) and plays a recorded message (illegal without an operator on the line) without an operator on the line (illegal). Their recorded message states that there are millions of dollars in government grants available and that you qualify. The message says you need to talk to an agent now to get your money. This is clearly a scam, while there are government grants available, you will never receive a call out of the blue offering them to you - especially not a call that violates Federal law in order to offer you government grants...


This company calls with a recorded message offering free grants. This is clearly a scam, as grant organizations do not robocall with recorded messages looking for grantees.


This scammer calls numbers on the national do-not-call registry in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. This scammer further violates the TCPA by playing a recorded message with no operator on the line when the phone is answered. They claim, in their recording, that you are eligible for free grant money, but that you have to talk to an operator now to validate your claim. This is clearly a scam, trying to prey on those in most need of financial help.
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