Who is calling or texting from 516-656-4133?
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This Number is a land line number calling from Glen Cove, New York

Who Called Me From 516-656-4133?

jolly nana

who keeps calling from this ##??
It is a religious group and when I picked up nobody there. I called the number back and pushed number 1 on phone pad and got a person who started talking but I just started swearing at them and told them I did not want any of their calls. She wanted my phone number so they could remove my name but I would not give it to them because they had it when I called back. I suggest you call back and swear at them for calling you and don't give them time so speak and they will not want to hear that. I will do that every time they call which has been about every hour.
7 years ago


they call 2 to 3 times daily. no message. who are they?


Today I was asked to listen to messasge from Mike Huckabee re family issues


It's sirus sat. Radio.


When I get calls from this #, I do not answer and I hope by never answering they will go away


3 or 4 times a day Calls are coming in, for past 2 weeks. No one speaks when I answer. They do not leave message on our answering machine. 516-656-4133. !0 to 8 in the am, 5 pm and 915pm are times that they have called. This is annoying.


next time they call they not gonna like the answer they get aka a bosun's whistle into phone stops most or all the calls I was getting tired of it so I find my own way to stop them blow out their auto system or their ears either or.
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