Who is calling or texting from 602-638-5479?
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Who Called Me From 602-638-5479?

you're a JOKE

repo company trying to pose as some type of law enforcement. Dont let these punks scare you. They are nothing but some fat repo guys trying to intimidate people by throwing out ARS statues that dont apply.
someone in AZ:
These guys sent me a text message about one of my former employees and advised me of my non cooperative behavior and threatened me with a class 6 felony. I called back and they were too chicken sh*t to answer my call or reply to my text messages. If I fid out who they are, I will contact every lein holder in Phoenix and send this message to their vendor management department.
7 years ago

you're IGNORANT of your STATE LA

AZ resident:
Thanks for posting this. They've sent out texts to all my references with this sh*t. It states 90 days behind. We're barely 30 and giving it back this weekend
6 years ago


They blasted a text to everyone in my family and coworkers I used as a reference. Even asked my neighbors and put a note on my door over a car that was turned in by me a week prior. BUT when you call them they wont answer the phone. They are not a collection agency OR law enforcement they just use this as a scare tactic is all

Thomas D

Yes, they are a repo punks. They text blasted everyone that I put down as a reference. Anyways, thats what this number is and they are not police or associated with any law enforcement.
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