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This Number is a land line number calling from Sanborn, New York

Who Called Me From 716-210-8025?


They called to say that I will be taken to jail by police at a certain time because IRS is suing me. I called the police and IRS and told them so. The person on this line cursed me and said very vulgar things. I said to him how come an IRS employee talk like this? He kept on saying vulgar things, I guess by this time he figured that I did not fall for their scheme


Similar to Selam's story. Got two robocalls today from this number. The recording was a man's voice saying that "this message is for...YOU!" and that the IRS is suing me, to call back at that number, and not to disregard the message. My phone said the call was from Lockport, NY.

ion din

Same call from this number, "special for you"!:))
Give it right back to them. ITS A SCAM number. SO call them back repeatedly and let them see how it feels

7 years ago


Man named "David Cooper" called and spoke to my grandmother and told her he was from the IRS and they were looking for me because I was baing sued for $3000.00. My grandma said well this is my house and then he said well you are who i want to talk to then. She kept asking him questions and he hung up.

Curious George

I too also got the same message about being sued by the IRS and he had a "special message just for you". It was very apparent that "Richard Johnson" was reading a prompt. He left two messages in two hours with the same exact reading, even pausing in the identical places within the message! Just watch how I "Don't disregard your time sensitive message!"

abraham naff

same cooper guy just called me from the same number , told me IRS is suing me now
when i started to ask questions he hung up,, someone need to call authority

PO'd in Texas

Thanks for the info. I will be turning this info over to the IRS. Maybe we can all call and tell them the IRS is suing them for impersonating a federal officer, fraud, and harassment, hmmm?


The guy, Richard Johnson, called me, too, although since it's exactly the same message, even the pauses, it's a recorded message. It went to voicemail so same message was left, 4th time now. " IRS, suing me, time-sensitive, do not disregard this message! "


Thanks for the info, I also recieved two messages from Richard Johnson from this number today. Figured something was up when he didn't include a name for whom the law suit was intended.

singh california

Same so called david cooper with thick indian accent. I told him we screwed khobragarde :)


the david cooper called me this am, i asked him why he has thick indian accent while his name is all American working for irs, he said hes from south korea and born in santa clara. whoever these idiots are they need to be arrested.


This number is blocked on my phone but this time this number left a message stating he was some kind of officer with the IRS and he used the word "YOU" a lot making sure it's real or not but from the comments i know it a scam now...


I got a call saying my bank account would be frozen and that it was for taxes that were filled in 2009 we'll I figured out it was a scam because I didn't file taxes in 2009 I filled my first taxes in 2011. They said I would have an officer at my house in 20 min and I asked what time exactly cuz I didn't have the time they couldn't tell me an exact time they gave me my name address phone number and the address I was living at in 2009 so I called and talked to my boyfriend and he assures me it was a scam said the irs would have to send me a certified letter saying I owe hem money they will never call you to get money the voice of the first call was a robotic voice and the second sounded like a computer translating the words.
Phx AZ:
I just got a message from the same number, but it was from Eric Foster with southern accent. My parents also got a similar message from a number starting with 888, don't remember the exact number, it seems like this type of scam is going around now.
7 years ago
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