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This Number is a land line number calling from Virginia Beach, Virginia

Who Called Me From 757-563-4483?

Steve Haley

These people have called my home every day for the past two weeks, generally early in the morning when everyone is asleep. I have called and asked to be removed a total of four times now. The last person I spoke to, a male, called me several vulgar names and said that he would not quit calling as I was a "whiner."

Working together, we can put a stop to this harassment. Leaving comments here is not going to help. You need to take the following action:

1. File a complaint with the Attorney General for your state. Once your AG receives enough complaints, they will take action. It only takes a few minutes to locate the complaint mechanism for your state:


2. File a complaint with the FTC. The link is here:


Do this for each unwanted call you receive, from any company or organization. If enough people follow through with the above two steps each and every time an unwanted call is received, our federal government as well as state governments will take more proactive actions, and this type of thing will no longer be a problem. Please do your part.

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