Who is calling or texting from 800-466-0953?
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Who Called Me From 800-466-0953?


They charged my account 5 dollars?


they are charging my credit card $4.95 for advertising services I DO NOT KNOW how they got my card number and I have filed a formal complaint
Me too! Have you succeeded I. Getting it removed?
7 years ago


they are called intelius....from utah they do criminal background checks..........whos the real criminal. get a new debit card and pin because next month they will charge you $20. if you are in a debt relief program some companies will use web hosting so you can view your account and how the money is being used to payoff your bills.........


Same experience.... cancel your card ASAP. You won't be able to get the money refunded and you'll never get through to them. The answering service plays 24/7 same message.
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