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This Number is a land line number calling from Columbia, South Carolina

Who Called Me From 803-454-9659?


Called about car extended warranty


A foreign lady called and said she is with "The Vehicle Processing Department" and wanted to know the mileage on my vehicle. Sounded like a scam so I hung up.


Could barely understand woman. Wanted to speak to specific employee who drives vehicle. Didn't even know truck is company owned. Told her to get a legitimate job.


Caller with a heavy accent that I had to ask several time who he was. some kind of vehicle processing. Told them not to call again. Sounded like a call center in the background.


donot call


Man with heavy Indian accent just called me wanting my mileage. They knew make
rest of comment: knew make and model of my car. Told him just had car serviced and refused to give any info, then hung up.
8 years ago


They keep calling and hanging up when I answer. I tried to call back but it said the caller was unavailable at the moment but left no specific name.


They just called me. Same scenario as the rest. A woman I could barely understand asked me about my mileage. I told her a number that was WAY off from what it actually is. She transferred me to her "supervisor" who could speak perfect English. She asked me some questions and I told her i was at work and to take me off her call list and then hung up. Blocked the number on my phone. Its a scam of some sort.


Some women with very thick accent from "The Vehicle Processing Center" trying to ask me questions about one of my cars. I then started asking her questions" How did you get my number, where are you located" she hung up on me. Pure Phone Scam.


Female asked for me by name and said she could get my 20XX Dodge XXXXXXX reinstated she just needed to confirm my information. I lied and told her I didn't have that vehicle, and she hung up on me


Much like all of the other posts, Rashid had a heavy Indian accent and called me asking about the mileage on my vehicle. Said he was with Vehicle Processing Center and he knew make and model. I asked if he was a representative of Chrysler and he said "Yes". Then I asked if he was located in South Carolina and he hung up. I tried calling back but got a VM saying that their offices were closed and were open from 7am - 4pm Pacific time. (obviously not in South Carolina). Don't answer these calls, it's a scam.


This is definitely some type of scam. Have received multiple calls from a male and a female wanting to speak to a deceased relative. How van this be stopped?
I mistakenly spelled van instead of can for the question How can this be stopped?
8 years ago


Just got a call from this number. Some Asian woman said she was from somewhere and then said do you have a Chevy Silverado XX00.. i said yes, she said my warranty is up and asked me for the mileage on the truck... sounded a little believable, so i gave it to her, she then sends me to her supervisor who spoke perfect English and he said with this "One time deal", he will give me an extended 5 year or 100,000 mile warranty for a low flat rate.. He encouraged to pay in full now, and going with it I decided to tell him that i would think about it and call him back, he said I wouldnt be able to call him back and that i need to tell him today. Thats when I knew the ENTIRE thing was a Scam, a pretty good one bc if your a little GULLIBLE like me, you could fall prey. Dont ever accept or send money to people like this.
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