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This Number is a land line number calling from Arlington Hts, Illinois

Who Called Me From 847-788-1536?


My minor child received a message on his cell phone from 847-788-1536 left by a mans voice calling himself David Perez, asking that a "Slobadan Kosavach return his call at 847-788-1530 as its important that I speak with you." I called 847-788-1536 private, for the third time on 4/29/13 to have my child's number removed, when an employee from Keynote- www.keynote-collections.com located at 220 W Campus Dr, #102, Arlington Heights, IL 60004 TOLLFREE: (877) 788-1530 - answers, I explain that I'm calling to remove a minor child's number from their system and that the call is being recorded, the Keynotes employee was crude, offensive in manner, discourteous, and lacked training and skill as he proceeds to raise his voice with attitude and tone to speak over me telling me he doesn't agree to being recorded, tells me to call back when I am not recording the call and hangs up on me. Since when do collections companies not record their calls?..... Sounds shady to me. I was shocked by Keynotes accepted employee behavior, of course this employee did not state their name when they answered my call. I call 847-788-1530 a minute later and a woman answers (who also does not state her name), I ask to speak with Andrew Cole, President or Ron Bronstein, Chief Operating Officer, I am transferred to Andrew who introduces himself as "Andy", I explain why I'm calling and I mention the poor treatment from one of his employees, Andy only asked if I knew this "Slobadan", I had to reiterate that I do not and the number they are calling has been my child's number for 10 years. You betcha, Andy had nothing to say about his rude employee. I hope people receiving erroneous calls from Keynote begin to report this business to www.bbb.org or to www.illinoisattorneygeneral.gov/consumers/
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