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Who Called Me From 855-531-3734?


got a call from 855-531-3734, Western Financial Mr Moss. Told me that I had taken a pay day loan out in 2012 and had not paid it back. Had no clue to what he was talking about. He threaten me when I told him it was not me. Mr Moss was a jerk. He also said I was going to jail. I wish these people would get a real job leave the working person alone.

brad thompson called, states he is a process server. however, the number he gave to return a call is 855-531-3734. western financial-legal dept.
8 years ago


He left 3 messages saying I had 2 complaints against me for writing bad check and attempting to defraud a financial institution. I have never done such a thing. Theseppeople have more than one number. They threatened my husband with the same and since he had a cash advance he was behind oni freaked and they scammed me out of $500. The mumber was 866-414-2442

Miss P

I got this call today in reference to my best friend! They made it seem like a legal issue and left info on my voice mail for her. I have no idea what it was for, however the previous posts let me know it was most likely debt collectors. The number that called me was: 866-414-2442
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