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Who Called Me From 866-256-6109?


This number is a bill collector for Columbia St. Mary's Hospital
Its a scam number I called Barb at St' Mary's Hospital billing they do not use this number there is no boiler room for Billing 414-326-2100 is the correct number call them and settle a bill if you have one I'm also calling the FBI give them the heads up on this number they are saying St Mary's Hospital. If they are a collection agency they have to tell you by law who they are the guy on the phone told me they are close to the hospital in none disclosed location. Who Would give your credit card to a person that hides in the shadows. It smells scam.
8 years ago
O,really...some guy's call me for this number 866256610.....they tell me a shold pay some hospital statement.He call me every mounts but I pay two times.
6 years ago
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