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Who Called Me From 866-598-4245?


Recommendation: Do not fully trust callers from this phone number. Appears to be a third party contracted service that is calling to help you renew your "expired" AAA Roadside Service membership. I renewed my membership about a week prior to getting a call from this number, and the man on the line said their computers were down and could not see my new membership...probably a lie. If they were AAA Corporate then he would have known I already renewed.

Robert R.

AAA membership renewal center. I let myberahip expire due to finances and they called and helped me renew at a discounted rate. Received my new card a couple weeks later and have already uses the service. They are legotimate.
Jim S.:
It is most likely a scam. I called back the number and it I got a recorded message saying the cell phone I called is not available. AAA was useless as usual in telling me whether the number is legitimate or not. I am staying away from the "savings".
7 years ago
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