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This Number is calling from Ontario, California

Who Called Me From 909-259-0274?


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No one on the line.
Calls multiple times daily.
Never leaves a message.


We also are getting calls from this number 2-3 times dsily, even on a Sunday night! They never answer or leave a message. How do we get our number off of their list?


They call all day long and evenings, too. Even weekends. If you answer, no one ever speaks.
We tried calling the number back. No live person ever answers. Goes directly to a vaguely Asian female voice with music in the back asking you to hold for the next representative. No representative ever comes on, even after 15-20 minutes. What kind of scam is this?


Calls constantly and no one is there. You cannot get a human on the phone. How do you get rid of them?


Same problem here. I live in Colorado and this number calls me at least 5 times a day, 6 days a week. IT'S A GHOST!!!


These people call at least twice a day (and probably more since we aren't always there) Almost always hang up after a few seconds or more. One time someone did ask for info about my teenage daughter. I started to refuse to give it and he hung up but. The call is originating from Ontario CA. I called the police there and told them there appear to be a large number of people with being harassed by this number, but they seemed to not give a @#$$. Told me to call my local police and have them deal with it. They did not want to take any info.
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