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Who Called Me From 913-210-5984?


MARY SMITH called, left msg that I won $10.5 MILLION. When I asked her HOW? She left message on my recorder, which I could not understand, so I called the number back. She listed a bunch of things that she said I submitted, but I never did i.e Magazines, etc . Then told me she would fill out the form,


CONTINUATION of previous message - And I would have to pay a small fee. I stopped her


con't (3) -


con't 4-

Mrs L.S.

I got a message on the answering machine from Mary to call back about a delivery to me today. (This message was left on my phone after I had dozens of calls from a guy trying to persuade me to send this fee by wire to some lady in Tennessee.). I called back and when she said hello, I asked her what company she was with. She said "Federal Trade Commission." I asked what she wanted. She said did you receive a call about winning 10 million dollars? I said yes. She said that they (the Federal Trade Commission) had checked it out and it was legitimate. I said great, send me a certified check. She asked me if I had paid the fee to register it? I started to tell her that there is no fee to be paid to receive something won, and was going to tell her word for word what it says on the IRS website, among others, about these types of scams. But then I just said, you know what, you don't sound very official. She hung up on me.
Good Job! Unfortunately, they called me :)
4 years ago


I got a call that I missed so when I called it back they mentioned my name and I said who is this she said Mary and I said I'm returning your call and she hung up.
I called back several times and it kept going to voicemail saying no one's available at extension 5 totalscan whatever they were trying to do!!!!


I,too,got a call from Mary Smith claiming she works for FTC. I had been receiving phone calls from jaimaca for the last four months almost on a daily basis stating I won 2.5 million and a car, they said it was like a second chance draw. All I had to do was register AMF in order to do that I had to purchase gift cards, scratch off the security code, take a picture of the card front and back and send the picture of the card to them or open up a savings account and they would deposit the check in my savings account. I didn't do either one. Maybe Mary is one of the most experienced ones and knows all the ins and outs of this scam because she sounded more convincing than the others. I told her I was sceptical of her also, she still tried convincing me she was not a part of them. But in one of her sentences she slipped and said "we",i knew right then she was part of and to top it off, I googled the number she called me from and there it was with her name listed as a scam!
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