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This Number is a land line number calling from Dallas, Texas

Who Called Me From 972-763-9524?

L Carter

Family and friends received calls from this number saying I owed for a bad check written in Sept. 2008. Requested they send me written information regarding the bad check I was accused of writing, was told we can't send you that information. Was then told if I don't resolve this matter they would turn this matter over for criminal legal action to be taken against me, and a warrant would be issued for my arrest. I asked would you tell me the name of your company? She hung up on me. When she could not send me any written documentation regarding this matter I became suspicious this was a scam. And I told her if this was from 4 plus years ago if I had written a bad check, it would have gone into check system and I would not have been able to open the 3 accounts I've opened within the past 4 years. I believe this to be a scam to collect money. The person calling from this phone number gave the name of Vanessa Long.

M Fletty

I as well received a phone call from this number, stating her name was Vanessa Long. Had the same experience, she told me I owed for a payday loan taken out in 2008 and never paid. While I have in the past taken out payday loans, I paid them all back. She told me she was going to issue a warrent for my arrest and pursue criminal charges if I didn't pay within 24-hours! Also, when I asked for documentation she refused to give it to me. Said she had already sent it, and if I wanted it again it would have to be asked for by an attorney during discovery. She as well said she was taking depositions from family and friends. When I refused to pay without some sort of documentaion so I could research and see if I already paid it, she told me she would just process the payerwork, have me arrested and I was going to jail. She repeatedly called me a criminal and when I asked her to stop calling me at work and only call at my personal contact number, she called 8 times that day...each time I hung up on her after asking her to stop calling me at work, she would call right back and scream you are a criminal, I'm going to have you arrested. She as well would not give me the name of her company. Just kept saying they represented the "Shapiro" law firm....and refused to give me a company name or address - said I didn't need it that they only take Credit Card payments and I only had 24 hours to pay.
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