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I have been getting calls from this number about 10-15 times a day for the past few weeks at all hours of the day and night including weekends.... it is very annoying and I am tired of being woken up at 6am or my baby being woken up at 10pm by whoever is calling from this number.
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A fast talking man left message from this #....trying to review my information & my statement is not part of my file, wants the file complete prior to making a decision. ???? Stranger still call is on my husband's cell, we recently moved to another state & that cell # is not affiliated with me in any way.
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Scammer named Dan Jackson, says he's a detective that is gonna issue a warrant for my arrest because of old undated bills! He is Verry rude, loud and hostile!!! He is a scamming fake ass debt collector perpatrating a detective!! Do not fall for this scam!!
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foot fone:

I got a call on my cell for this number. I attempted to return the call only to have it ring with no answer.

In checking to see if the number was listed in any scam data base I got notice that the 801 954 is no a valid exchange and it may be a spoofed caller id.

Gee, ya think?
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Calls repeatedly blocking their name in Caller ID, but will not leave a message. If I call back, they ask lots of questions but supply no information about themselves. If I object to answering their questions, they get very rude.

Very unprofessional. Needless to say, the number is in my blocked call list.
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random car warranty salesman saying my warranty is about to expire. I do not have a car. der da der
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Receive several calls through out the day but I don't answer unfamiliar numbers and they never leave a message.
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Constantly calling, blank for 10 seconds then hangs up
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Called several times, leave no message. Muy guess is they are trying to collect a debt, however, I have no delinquent debts (only two creditors, car and house, both are well current). It is likely a shady operation.
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Auto dialer is calling about quick rich scheme! When you leave message this number called me back on my business line ~ Beware of this! It's against the law and they must provide a opt out which they don't so be careful!
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debt collector 775-376-7025 Dynamic Recovery - unethical to boot - continues to call work number even after they were ask politely not to call my work number
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Dynamic Recovery - Debt Collector
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Caller ID said Jeff Roberts, man said he could save us money on our health insurance costs. I told him we were not interested and he kept talking so I politely said "No thank you" and hung up. He called back a minute later and got me again, and said "Oh, I don't want to talk to you again" and he hung up. Rude and childish.
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Barry Obama:

It is your momma.
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This came as a text telling me 'Hello from WhatsApp. Your code is **** but you can simply tap on this link to verify your device

Needless to say I didn't tap on the link..and anyone I know who uses this did not send it. So... i'm thinking it's a phishing scam to get access into your phone?

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Mack Besy:

This is a company trying to collect funds from various bank drafts that were over drawn. Past due collections from many different companies.
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I've been receiving a call from this number (and 614-602-4534) every few days for weeks. I've never answered. I called the number back today and eventually connected to a lady claiming to be from State Farm Bank. I questioned the calls and she claimed that she could not even find my cell number in their system. Not sure how the system can call a number it doesn't have??? She claimed she could look up my account, for a State Farm Visa card that I don't have, if I gave her my SS#. Obviously that didn't happen. Sorry, no real help, just wanted to share what I knew.
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Just received a call from this #. He informed me that the windows computer I was using was sending their server error reports.

I asked "where is this server that is receiving my error reports?". He replied "it is in the UK". I then asked "why is your server in the UK receiving an error report from my windows computer?"

He hung up....LOL..
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this person called me 3 times threatening to kill me.
said he was a UPS man with a package for me at first and was wodnering if i was home. once i hung up he called back and back again, saying he was going to kill me if i hung up.
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A man named Rod called and said he was going to provide the information I had requested about building a secure financial future. I have not requested such information. It sounded the a recorded message so I hung up.
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Same, sales call for contract legal services that they referenced a specific court case I'm handling. "Mattie" was the caller.
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When I refused to acknowledge who I was, they rambled on as if they were speaking to another person "send the sheriff out for them." I just hung up and blocked the number.
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I answered and there was an automated message asking to call 251-544-1940 or toll free at 800-888-6236. Said message provides a reference number to call back about. This is a debt collector and is calling from Mobile, Alabama. Do not answer to phone no. 251-378-0011.
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Solange Perron:

Ce numéro appelle à toute heure du jour depuis plus de 2 ans et à tous les jours.
Je considère que c'est du harcèlement.
Je ne dois rien à personne.
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A person keeps calling our business number looking for the President of the Company. He will never leave a voice message. This person will call several times a day.
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keep calling with a recording about an opportunity to make money. I am on Do not call registry!
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It's from Kaplan university. Lame -.-
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kijiji scam to get product
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i am in the middle of class i am in school and so far this number has called three times, it left a voicemailo i checked that and it said something about correctional facility
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This number called me a couple times. When I call back,they don't answer. I text them and asked who they were. They said it was Ger and Aimee. Then a few minutes later they said their name was Bobby Jo. I think it is someone that is just meesing around, pranking people.
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They are a “legit company” that has filed with the State of Ohio but in no way does that mean they are running a legitimate business. This company is using threats of unlawful arrest and litigation. By the way here is the link for the SOS of Ohio information:


In another thread we have seen Austin Evans write " I got arrested 3 weeks later " and " You can look up my case number if you like " but it seems very odd that he/she did not provide any information about their case to prove that this company is " no joke ". We have also seen frank ventresca writing " they proved the case and i spent 1.5 years in prison " and again not providing any information to prove this. It would seem that if a person wants to help warn others to help them prevent a pretty serious situation they would be providing that proof.

HMM, does this seem odd to you also?

I was a debt collector for years and even ran my own agency and find it absolutely deplorable the tactics that some collectors will use to get someone to pay a bill. At no point am I saying anyone should not pay a debt they owe but it is not okay to threaten that person with actions that cannot be taken by law.

My wife has now received a call from Advanced Capital Solutions saying that she owes for some payday loan from 2007 however my wife has not taken out this so called loan and she informed them of this. The agent proceeded to say that maybe a roommate or relative used their information but they are still responsible for the debt but if she pays the debt they will help her take the case to court in order to sue whomever it was that open the account.

I handled the fraud cases for the collections I did and at no time we would say a debtor would have to pay first then file a fraud case. I would tell them they would still be held responsible for the account if they have NOT filed a fraud case. It is a shame that friends and family would use your information but it does happen and if that debtor is not willing to file a fraud report against the ones they love (which I know I would have a problem doing that myself) they would unfortunately still be liable for that debt.

I did have the chance to talk to the agent myself and informed them that I am formally requesting that they provide us with the loan documents and/or proof of the debt per the FDCPA regulations and immediately t
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I believe its a fraud I'm working for him, George Frank as a personal assistant. Now I look all over the Internet and believe it's a SCAM he calls me from this number but I could never get in contact with him with this number and he text me from a whole different number.
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Called my work cell phone three times amd stating its an employee survey. I answered once and told them to call me DURING work hours. They called me again 20 minute later but well after work hours. I assume this is some type of scam or telemarketer
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Calls my cell phone daily and weekends, early in the morning to late at night. Never leaves a message.
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they called once last week, once this week, both times in the evening. i called the number back and the outgoing message says this is woodland park zoo calling to ask for donations. i'm a zoo member. i just updated my membership but not my husband's, so i'm not sure if they want a donation or if they're trying to get us to renew that other membership.